Friday, February 8, 2008

Here I am!

Hi everyone!

Firstly, thanks so much for your support and patience while I got together my website. It's finally up now..... phew!..... which means I can finally sleep like a normal person!

My graphic design team did a great job. Bravo guys! (And a little pat on the back to myself!)

And the magazine! I'm so proud of it. I have some great contributors this month!

This really is just a quick note to say that the first proper blog entry will be up tomorrow, and this post is a bit of housekeeping.

There's a whole bunch of new features on the website that I am trying to get used to. For instance, the forum is a whole new site and format for me, so please bare with me over the weekend while I get used to it!

Ok.... so I fear I'm rambling.

Please enjoy the website!!!

Amy xx

Oh! I'll be posting the Valentine's Day Makeup video tomorrow.


Aryana said...

Hey Amy,
I wanted to say your site is fantastic, i have been missing watching your videos on Youtube of which i am a subscriber to both your channels on there...i am so excited for you......YAY! Oh and if you are ever in Adelaide let me know, we can catch up

luv ya
Aryana aka Dawn

Aliyah said...

Hi Amy!

I've been waiting with breathless anticipation for your website to be up and running!

You have such a lovely way about you, I love watching your tutorials. I've learnt lots of new things and of course, you are very purrety :)

All the best!

Jeda21 said...

Fantastic job! I hope all your followers from YouTube (such as myself) drop on by and follow your adventures through the website. Lots of great content! Congrats!

All The Glitters said...

yay! im super exited for this website.

Julibeans said...

hey Amy, the site came out amazing! i've been following you since the beginning and can't wait to see what else you have in store :)

Laura said...

Hiya Amy!
I loved your other website, but also love, love, LOVE this one!!! I've been waiting for new things you've created to be online and I also just can't wait for the Valentines Day make up video :D Lots and lots of love, healthyness and luck to you!

You'll have your fans no matter what :)

TAXSTAR said...

Hi Amy

Have you got a good chicken liver or gefilte fish recipe?

Oooops,wrong website.

Good luck with yours.

The Boss said...

You are absolutely the best!!! I have featured your vids on my blog ( twice. Seriously...THE BEST!!!

jess said...

Hi Amy,
You did an amazing job on this website. Being a Makeup Artist myself, I had some thoughts of building a site to answer questions. You're site blew me away!

Love from Florida, USA

lydia25 said...


Thank you for all the make-up advice you've given. My make up tricks has improved more!!!!! And I can't stop buying MAC Make-up...lolol!!!! Just tell me what to where for foundation, i have very oily skin and my eyeshodow creases alot becouse of my oily skin!!!!! Help!!!! Lydia

laura said...
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laura said...

hiya amy
i love your website and all your youtube videos they are great!

i love the sound of your competiton i am going to enter it hopefully!

by the way just a quick question do the 5 photos in the competition have to be from the same mae-up look.

please reply!

you are a great inspration to me.

laura x