Friday, February 22, 2008

Ask Me Makeup Retro/Vintage Photoshoot Competition

Today I have launched the Retro and Vintage Photoshoot competition with a prize of my highly recommended makeup products to the value of $200! I'm so excited to see the entries!!! I really am!!!!!!! (see all the exclamation marks?!!!!!!)

Here is a recap of the rules and conditions:

To celebrate the launch of the website, I am giving away AUD$200 worth of my highly recommended makeup products.

All you have to do is create a retro and vintage styled photoshoot. Submit 5 pictures. I will select my favourite contestant entries, and then get you guys to vote on the winner!

Competition begins: Right now!
Submissions due: March 31st, 2008

* Design a retro or vintage themed photoshoot
* Use the steps in either of the following Ask Me Makeup Videos: - Pink Vintage Pinup Girl Makeup - Vintage Pinup Girl Makeup - Old Hollywood Makeup - Sixties Mod Makeup (to be uploaded Feb 27th)
* You can be the model, or get together with friends and do a group shoot, or you can do your friend's makeup!
* You will be judged on creativity, execution and styling. I am looking for pics with wow factor! I am looking for creative shoots that are distinctly retro or vintage themed.
* Select 5 of your best photos from the shoot/s and email them to
* You don't have to use the same products that I've used in my videos, just follow the ideas and steps I outline.
* Contestants must be subscribed to my channel
* You can attach a video as a response to this to show us what you've been working on. But only emailed photo submissions will be included in the judging

- Tell me your name, youtube channel/username, country
- Tell me which of my makeup looks you've recreated
- Tell me a little about the photoshoot! Eg. Did you enjoy it? What was your inpsiration? Camera used? Models? Props?


(Why a photoshoot? Megs, Summer and I have so much fun each week doing our photoshoots for Frou Frou Magazine and for the videos! The girls have beautiful photos of themselves... and lots of them.... that they wouldn't normally have. How often do you get to take nicely styled pics of yourself?!!! It's a great opportunity to get some decent pics, and at the same time have a great time. The photoshoots I photograph are done cheaply using props from around my house, and fabric backgrounds stuck to the wall! Minimal effort, beautiful result!)

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asianxxpanda said...

Where is the Sixties Mod Makeup tutorial? I can't find it on your Youtube site?