Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Shadow Shields

A great idea for those girls who find eyeshadow fallout an aggrevation!

Shadow sheilds are disposable cotton pads that are self adhesive and are lightly stuck under the eye. Kind of like a post it note, it sticks at one end, so that when it's pressed down on the eye it creates a lip, sticking out a little to catch any eyeshadow.

They come in a pack of 50, and cost $16.95US. They can be ordered online. I'm not sure of the stockists. I'll investigate further and let you know!


Esraa said...

These are nice and seem to be really easy to use, but I think it would just be much cheaper to use tape :). MonroeMisfitMakeup on YouTube introduced me to this idea, and I usually just stick the piece of tape to the back of my hand a couple of times so that it looses some of the stickiness and is more gentle when used under my eyes (or at the corner for a clean edge).

Trisha said...

I've been a silent, avid fan of your youtube vids, and now I'm so happy to finally read your blog! I've learned so much from you, most especially about eyeshadow application! Yay!