Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Finalists for the Vintage Retro Photoshoot Contest



All of Julie's entries were brilliant, but this picture in particular caught my eye. Vargas-like in pose, situation and styling, this photo is stunning. I love the motion in the papers being tossed. The colouring is simple and vibrant. A very successful shoot.


There were two pictures in particular of Amanda's that I couldn't decide between. I ended up choosing this one for it's simplicity. It's a sassy picture. I love that the subject is dressed in lingerie but the overall mood is sweet and pretty. Captures exactly what I love about this retro period.

Love the frilly undies! I own 3 pairs!


Erin's 5 pictures were super cute. She had some cute pics with flamingo garden ornaments. I chose this picture because I thought the pose was striking. I love the texture and line of Erin's hair. Very geometric, which suits the style of the mod makeup.


Click on this picture and enlarge it! This is a work of art. I was floored when I saw this entry. I couldn't make heads or tails of what was real and what was effect. I emailed Iris to find out more about it, and she told me her husband did the graphic work to the pic. They superimposed this image onto a vintage cigarette ad. They added in the cigarettes afterwards, added a cartoon-like effect, and changed the text to read "more mothers..." This is a clever entry. Tongue in cheek, and perfectly styled.


What I particularly like about this photo is the juxtaposition of retro styling with sleek portraiture. Some of Hidayah's other photos were more pinup posey, but this pic lept out at me. I love the geometry in this pic. Her arms are creating strong lines, the fan an almost semi-circle. I also love the merging of eastern and western cultures. It's a very striking photograph.


It was very hard for me to pick one photo from the series of pics that Lily sent me. I absolutely love and respect the representation of homosexuality in this photograph. Blink and you'll miss it. Its coy, sweet and cheeky. The composition of the photograph is stunning as well.


All of the pictures Nicole sent me were as cute and pretty as this one! This photo is so well styled, posed and captured. I think this photo works so well because of the colour palette chosen. The army green swimsuit is echoed in the bushes, the yellow flower matching the tones of the ukelele. I also love the structure of the hairstyle!!! I want to see a YouTube tutorial on how the girls created that look!


I am mesmerised by Silvia's face in this photo. Her eyes and brows are an amazing focal point. I love the lights bouncing off the mirrors in this shot and I love the contrast settings for this photo. Beautiful.

I am a big fan of the boudoir-like feel of dark stripes with peach/pink. You see it everywhere, usually in beauty packaging. The text is really cute. I love the pose- power retro teen queen. This photo appeals to me, and I can't quite articulate why! Maybe it's the girliness, the colours....


This is a gorgeous Vogue-esque photo. Even when my boyfriend saw this photo he commented on how much he liked the styling and the way it was shot. Again, I like it because there's a sleekness to it, blended with the retro styling. It's a very interesting photo. If I were you, Stella, I'd have this blown up and framed on my wall!

NOW REMEMBER! Voting closes 1st May. I don't mind if you cast votes in the comments section of this blog entry or if you cast votes on the youtube video. You can also email me your vote, if you want to be more discrete about it. But, remember it's one vote per person. Thanks for all the effort all of you put into this competition. I'm so impressed by all of your entries. It was incedibly hard trying to get 10 finalists, and thank God, I'm not the person deciding on number 1!!! I'll be posting one picture from every entry in the next issue of Frou Frou Magazine (online 24th April). Good luck to the finalists!